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Motto: Empowering Youths Through Drama

Youths make up 43.7% percent of the Nigerian population. Presently, 21.8 million Nigerian youths are currently unemployed while 65,378 youths are being held in both maximum and minimum correctional faclities across the nation. About 15 percent of the population of youths either belong to confraternities or street gangs. UNAIDS estimates that there are 103,506 sex workers (prostitutes) in the country.

The reason why many of these youths are involved in crime and other social vices can be attributed to the high level of poverty in the country. And it has been predicted that these statistics are bound to increase if the government and the society does nothing about it.

Thus, this would leave only a small number of youths who end up fulfilling the adage: “Youths Are The Leaders Of Tomorrow.”

Inorder to contribute its quota to the reduction of youth deliquency and unemployment in the society, the Sandra Idubor Foundation led by HRM Sandra Idubor decided to establish a non-profit drama school.

The Sandra Drama Academy was founded for the sole mission of empowering youths in the field of dramatic arts for free. The academy equips its students with skills in areas such as Film and Stage Acting, Screenwriting, Production, Directing, Filmmaking, Cinematography, Costume design and Set Design.

The Academy is run by HRM Sandra Idubor who serves as the Creative Director. She leads a team of instructors who offer trainings in form of short-term workshops, programs, symposiums and summer camps to selected students.

The Academy is always in search of young individuals who are passionate about storytelling and interested in pursuing professional careers in the dramatic arts. Through its instructors, the academy fosters personal development in the lives of its students as they are provided with the requisite skills, knowledge and mindset needed to progress in the film/drama industry.

Students undergo an intensive-training program where they receive both theory and practical classes that is geared at make them knowledgeable in their chosen courses. Having been taught industry-based practices and ethos, students receive certificates at the completion of their studies.

The Academy’s Core Values are: Excellence, Discipline, Innovation and Creative Storytelling.

This explains why its students end up becoming the best in their chosen fields because they have experienced a learning approach that imbibes them with a mindset to always push for growth.

The underlying vision behind the existence of Sandra Drama School is to see the actualization of SDG Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth. This is because youths who are empowered in the field of dramatic arts end up building successful careers. And these youths contribute to the growth of the Nigerian Economy.

Thus, the academy plays a big role in the reduction of the unemployment rate and level of social vices in the country.